Frankly Juiced was founded by sisters Cydney & Lindsey and their mom Brigette to provide an all-natural,

cold-pressed juice to an underserved market.

We believe that our juice is a healthy alternative to sugar laden drinks, and an easy, convenient way to sneak fruit and veggies into daily routines.    


Juicing is known for its many health benefits, and the

Frankly Juiced family is no stranger to consuming

all-natural foods for health and wellness.


Growing up, our dad took holistic approaches to minor ailments. We were very athletic kids, and he was our in-house health coach. The master of kitchen cure-alls, he would give us supplements, herbs and elixirs to help us recover from grueling workouts.

We had an old school tabletop juicer that he’d use to make weird

concoctions and then persuade us to try them.


The holistic health lifestyle is more prevalent today than it was during our childhood, and if you ask our dad today, he’d say

back then, he was ahead of his time.


Fast forward 2½ decades. Inspired by the film documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, we dusted off the old juicer. We could not deny that on the days when we juiced, we just felt better. Coincidentally, it was that same documentary that convinced Cydney & Brigette

to adopt a majority plant-based diet.


Frankly Juiced makes its juices in small batches, using simple, honest ingredients without additives. Simply put, the only thing in our juices are fruits and vegetables. Our juice is also raw. Most bottled juices are treated by some method of pasteurization to extend shelf life and contain a laundry list of foreign ingredients that are not considered fresh, nor raw.


Our drinks go beyond health, they also taste good!  And that’s the message we want to extend. Whether you’re a health nut, junk food junky, or someone looking to sneak in more fruits and veggies, you’ve found the right place.


Thanks for stopping by,

Lindsey, Cydney, Brigette Franklin

Frankly Juiced - Cold Pressed. Raw. Frank.

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